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Hydro ejector for PAC and Microsand

为了提供Microsand &粉激活Carbon (PAC) mixing installations that facilitate a homogeneous and 100% dustless operation, Sodimate designed, and manufactured, in addition to our regularmixing tanks, its own PAC wetting cone with hydro ejector. This type of installation reduces the power consumption since the water in the system is used to supply the hydro ejector will then transfer the product to powder.

It is equipped with a conical hopper in which powder is injected, a wetting ring that allows continuous cleaning and a low part of a hydro ejector suitable for the transfer of powder flow.

Sodimate ejector use water or other liquids under pressure as the motive fluid, and operate on the Venturi principle to mix dry chemicals into slurries.

The site’s water system continuously feeds the system and creates a depression that allows the powdered reagent to be sucked and its mixture with the water of transport. The installation calculates the loss of load caused by the isometry of the discharge pipe. The transfer can take several tens of meters and many elbows.

Depending on the client’s needs, the supply ranges from hopper alone with its hydroejector and wetting ring to complete integration on a pre-cabled skid with probes and valves allowing its full operation.