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pH regulation systems

For pH regulation potable water treatment processes use mainly lime (remineralization and decarbonation).
The dry lime stored on site (silo/super sacks/orhoppers) is transferred to alime slurry tankor slaker (Quick Lime) if not fed directly to the stream of water.

In order to mix hydrated lime with raw water, the following pieces of equipment must be used :

  • Storage container :silo,Bulk Bagor25 kg bag hopper
  • A shaftless screw feeder metering the product at the required feed rate
  • An isolation injector protecting the screw feeder from moisture and humidity
  • A lime milkslurry tankand its skid pump

Thelime slurry solutionlevel the water pH to a more acceptable alkalinity by precipitating bicarbonates that dissolves and prevent lime (tartar) formation.