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Skid of Pump

SODIMATE is trying to expand its catalogue by adding new items to answer customer demands with a more complete package for the preparation of lime milk.

Once the batch of lime milk is ready, pumps are mandatory to transfer the liquid from the tank to the water that needs to be treated.

Skid of pump

SODIMATE technology is based on peristaltic pumps which have proven to be the most reliable type of pumps to assure the transfer of suspension of lime into the words and avoid any damage.

Peristaltic pumps are based on the system of a rubber hose and ampler that ensure the flow with a wide range.

The advantages of these pumps are:

  • Very few maintenance requirements
  • High precision of flow
  • Able to transfer high concentrated water

此外,SODIMATE不仅依赖于提供normal pumps but a complete skid of pumps composed of:

  • PVC, PP or SS piping
  • Flowmeter
  • Valves
  • And all needed accessories to assures the transfer of the lime milk.